VKOOL Film Failing from Metal Material

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1st Patented Nano-Ceramic Window Film
3x more Infrared rejection
4x less reflective
13 °C Cooler
25x more durable than competing films

Hot Inside? 

​​Infrared and UV rays can be extremely uncomfortable, damaging, and inefficient when operating or enjoying your vessel. These harmful rays cause damage to your eyes or skin, fading to your interior and electronics, and even heightened fuel consumption as the vessel struggles to maintain a cool cabin. 

With Hüper Optik film/tint we can offer a clear passage of visible light without heat or glare disrupting your experience. It’s technology allows 99% blockage of these harmful rays keeping a cool environment inside. We sell many options of marine film which meet all Coast Guard or other specifications.

Why Hüper Optik? 

Hüper Optik film is an advanced technology because of its patented nano ceramic material composition. 

Non-Corrosive Coating

This film offers better performance and longevity as it is not metal based like those of competitors. Metal based film products succumb to fading, discoloring, separating, and peeling from extended exposure of the high salt content marine environment. With this superior film offered by Hüper Optik we offer longer warranties than any other brand with our installation.

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